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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup also known as Semi-Permanent and Micropigmentation, is an innovative procedure, in which carefully applied Hypo-allergenic pigments are implanted using disposable tiny micro-needles into the dermal layer of the skin (unlike permanent tattoos which go much deeper).
Permanent Makeup can last for up to 2 years or more depending on several factors such as the age of skin, amount of time spent in the sun, and individual skin colour and tone.
Furthermore, the technique is simple, safe and revolutionary and will enhance your natural beauty.
Permanent Makeup is truly a new era in makeup. It can be used as a great time saver for those on the go, who want to look their best all the time.



Eyebrows play an important role in framing your face and accentuating your eyes. They can give you a more youthful and fresh appearance.
Permanent makeup can enhance as well as correct imperfections and flaws, such as naturally sparse, missing, over-plucked, fair coloured or unsymmetrical brows.
Microblading is a technique using a hand tool to manually implant pigment in a way that mimics the hairs of your brow. The lines are so small that they look like hairs!
The result looks very natural and is perfect for those who just want a basic brow base.
Price: £250.00
Powder & Ombre brows are very similar. The only difference is that a Powder brow is generally the same saturation throughout the brow and an Ombre brow has lighter areas.
These methods produce a series of dots or shading (rather than lines like with microblading) that get layered up, resulting in a powdery look. It's a great style for people who want a more defined brow. These techniques can be customised to be light and airy, dark and dense or anything in between.
Price: £275.00
Combination Brows can be referred to as hybrid brows or blade and shade. They all mean the same thing though- hair strokes and shading. Literally a combination of the two above treatments. The way that it is done can be customised to your brow, whether you want microblading hair strokes in just the head of the brow, or throughout.
Price: £290.00